Stock Market Lessons

 J. Ignacio Ulacia F. (6.3.1997)

 These series of documents are the lessons I have learned during my trading experience. I sincerelly hope this information can be useful to someone that is entering the trading world. There is always something to learn, regardless of where you look. These documents will be increasing with time as writing is possible.

Good luck, and happy traiding, it is fantastic.

  1. Maximum profitability, a new meassure of returns.
  2. Lucky Strikes, can we predict the market
  3. Maximum Daily Change
  4. Maximum Dalily Difference
  5. Position Sizing , How to oftain the best Return/Risk ratio.
  6. Gold and the DJIA.
  7. Index to Market Correlation
  8. Lessons form Wiszard traders
  9. Slopes, Rates of success
  10. The costant messuring stick.
  11. Can We Design a traidng method in DJIA based on (H-L)/M; M=(O+H+L+C)/4
  12. Probability of close based on open.
  13. Interest rates vs stock market. The begining of the end
  14. Market gain. how much money you place to obtain a desired gain.




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